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Long ago, humans made a deal with the immortal, magical beings known as Spirits. These animalistic creatures promised to protect humanity from the dangers of the wilderness, and to provide for human settlements in times of need. Humans, in turn, promised to adhere to the Commands of the Spirits, and to teach these Commands to their children. Teaching Commands is how Spirits feed; advancing their ideology gives them Souls, the energy they need to exist.

You are a human, one of the young adults sent to learn from the Spirits as part of an annual tradition. These young people live among the Spirits for a year, learning their ways and doing their bidding. As these humans become tied to the Spirit world, they absorb Souls and gain access to magic. But each Soul gained is humanity lost: if a human accrues too many Souls, they will transform into a Spirit, and must continue gaining Souls or perish. Can you make it through a year among the Spirits and return to your village? By the end, will you want to?

Souls is currently in alpha testing. I'm working to clean up the rules for wider playtesting, but for now the game is in a very rough state. Feel free to reach out with questions if you are interested in playing the game.


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Cards, v0.1.2 "Ash" 120 kB
Rules, v0.1.2 "Ash" 30 kB